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Video Intercom with 4,3” LCD color screen and handset.


High definition image

The internal module has a 4.3 ” color widescreen, displaying a sharp and high quality image.

More Security

In addition to displaying the image of the external module, an auxiliary analog camera can be added, in this way it is possible to see (10 in 10 seconds, alternately) the images of the two devices (external module and auxiliary camera).

Externo Module

With high resolution camera and infrared LEDs, the external module allows nighttime visitor viewing. In addition, with differentiated design, it has a rubber and illuminated key.

Intercom function

It is possible to make internal audio calls using the video or audio extensions. This call has a different tone from the external module call.

* See the manual for possible combinations between the internal module and the video extensions and audio extensions.


  • 4,3” Color widescreen.
  • External Module with 2,8mm high resolution camera.
  • Night display.
  • 1 electric lock activation.
  • Button input.
  • Open door detector.
  • Intercom function: it’s possible to make internal calls using the audio and video extensions.
  • 1 video extension input and 2 audios inputs.
  • Do not disturb function.
  • Tamper.
  • Easy to install (only 4 wires).
  • Visual sign of the function do not disturb.
  • 1 auxiliary camera input.
  • Display of external module and auxiliary camera images on the screen.

DDNS and Cloud

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DDNS Cloud

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