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Swing Robot

1/3HP swing motor for gates weighing up to 150Kg.


Factory Warranty

Our garage door/gate motors are highly reliable. That’s why JFL’s garage door/gate motors have warranties for 2 years over mechanics and electronics.

Remote controls/key fobs

Our garage door/gate motors support the enrollment of up to 1.024 remote controls/key fobs (Hopping Code and Rolling Code), that is, it is possible to enroll the main remote controls/key fobs in the market.

Bronze Crown

The motor is made of high quality parts. The bearing’s crown is one the great highlights, made of bronze, it solves the wear problem of most motors in the market.


  • Single-phase ventilated motor (60Hz);
  • Power supply: 220V;
  • Solid rubber wheel;
  • Operates with 20cm unevenness;
  • 1/37 reducer with bronze gear and permanent lubrication;
  • Opening/closing time:13,5s*;
  • Cover in steel plate with epoxy paint
  • 433,92MHz control board;
  • Belt mechanical transmission;
  • Pushbutton and photocell input;
  • Security lock output;
  • Electronic clutch adjustment;
  • Adjustable automatic closing;
  • Easy to open (by the user) in the event of power cut
* Opening/closing time for a 3 meters gate, varying according to the weight, condition of the gate and deceleration adjustment.

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