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QC-2000 Contadora

Control board with relay for gate motors.


Factory Warranty

Our garage door/gate motors are highly reliable. That’s why JFL’s garage door/gate motors have warranties for 2 years over mechanics and electronics.

Remote controls/key fobs

Our garage door/gate motors support the enrollment of up to 1.024 remote controls/key fobs (Hopping Code and Rolling Code), that is, it is possible to enroll the main remote controls/key fobs in the market.


  • Programmable pause time;
  • Open limit switch input and closed limit switch input with indication;
  • Enrolls up to 1.024 Rolling code y Hopping code remote controls;
  • Pushbutton input (NC) and photocell input (NO);
  • 12 Vdc (300 mA) output;
  • Power supply 220Vac/ 380Vac;
  • JFL PGM* input with lock, indicator, courtesy light bulb features and interconnection with JFL’s** alarm panel;
  • Halfway travel stop programming enabled or disabled;
  • Operates in 127/220 Vac.
* Sold separately.
**Check compatibility.

DDNS and Cloud

Access JFL DDNS and CLOUD (P2P).

DDNS Cloud

RLG Barriers

Meet the Automators and RLG barriers. A company of the JFL Alarmes group.

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