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1 button electronic doorkeeper for telephone exchange or PBX.


  • It has entrance for up to 2 dry contact buttons;
  • Allows you to program the operating destination of the pushbutton, for lockout or auxiliary output;
  • Adjusting speaker volume and microphone sensitivity by the doorman’s keyboard or remotely, being in conversation with the doorman;
  • Interlocking programming which does not allow the opening of a second lock / cage gate if the first gate is not closed;
  • Programming the second digit to open the locks;
  • Programming the type of lock in the auxiliary output;
  • Allows you to program the number of rings for the concierge’s automatic answer;
  • Programming a number to be dialed (up to 18 digits) when pressed;
  • 3 types of reset;
  • Bootloader Function;
  • Compatible with standard Anatel communication servers.


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