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1 key electronic doorkeeper with access via RFID


Approach it, open!
Through the RFID technology it’s possible to open the door fast and easy. You just need to approach the RFID to the doorkeeper that the entry will be automatically allowed. It’s possible to enroll up to 1.600 RFID.

Confort and Design
With elegant design, the external module has an illuminated rubber key, which make it easier to find it at night.

Tamper Warning
Through the tamper warning, in case the doorkeeper is sabotaged, it emits a sound similar to an ambulance and simultaneously blocks the door lock.


• It allows registering up to 1,600 keychains * (MIFARE);
• It allows deleting all the passwords and keychains of an apartment;
• It allows to erase keychain individually, through the user password or using the same keychain;
• Bootloader function;
• It has input for up to 2 dry contact buttons;
• Speaker volume and microphone sensitivity adjustment through the doorkeeper keypad or remotely;
• Interlock function: it does not allow the opening of the second gate of the cage if the first gate is not closed;
• It allows to program the number of rings for the automatic answering of the doorkeeper;
• The doorkeeper programming can be remote or through the keyboard;
• 3 types of reset: passwords to open the lock, factory programming without changing passwords or factory standard;

* RFID keychain, sold separately”


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