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Passive infrared detector (PET, PIR Quad).


The Best in Brazil

For 7 consecutive years, JFL Alarmes alarm panels are considered the best in the country, chosen by the electronic security professionals.

* Trio International Distinction in alliance with Security Brasil magazine.



With the anti-masking function, the sensor is able to detect accidental or intentional blockages that try to trick the sensor detection system. More security in motion detection.

Semi-open areas

Indicated for semi-open areas such as garages and balconies, this sensor features high-precision motion detectors that reduce the incidence of false trips.


Through microwave detection, this sensor is able to accurately and quickly detect any movement in the environment, making any way to circumvent the system unlikely. It is still possible to set detect distance in order to avoid areas that contain objects that may cause unwanted alarm trips.

Greater detection

With its special lens, the detector possesses a wide detection area, analysing an angle of up to 115°.

Animal Immunity

PETs don’t need to be left outside so that the security system can be armed. With the animal immunity feature, the intelligent detector does not detect small animals, that is, there is no detection, no alarm activations.

*Check detector minimum weights (20 kg or 30 kg) detection.


  • PIR Quad;
  • Microwave: 5,6 Ghz;
  • Greater detection angle: 115°;
  • Tamper;
  • Temperature compensation;
  • 3 PIR sensitivity levels;
  • Microwave sensitivity adjustment;
  • Up to 15m detection distance;
  • PET, immune to animals of up to 30kg;
  • Indicated for indoor and semi-open areas;
  • Anti-mask (detection of blocking or obstruction of the sensor);
  • 2 detection options: PIR Quad and microwave.


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