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JFL SmartCloud 18

Alarm panel up to 18 zones, BUS technology and control via mobile APP.



Active Mobile

With the Active Mobile you can control your alarm panel * via smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime. With the application you can, for example: find out the status of the alarm panel in real time, inhibit zones, activate and deactivate PGMs, visualize the zones in the blueprint and much more.

* You need to add the compatible module (not included).

Central connection and app

It is very easy to connect the JFL SmartCloud 18 in Active Mobile. See the steps below:

1. Plug cable into ethernet mode*;
2. After downloading the app on your smartphone, read the QR Code;
3. Now just register in the cloud.

Easy installation

The JFL SmartCloud 18 control unit accepts up to 16 busbar zones and 2 mixed zones with a quick, practical and economical set up.

Bus Technology

It’s a technology that allows communication between the alarm control unit and Bus sensors with only one pair of wires. Saving cabling, wiring, low-power sensors and periodic supervision are some of the advantages of adopting this technology.


Through the PGM output of the alarm panel it is possible to remotely control different home devices, such as turning on/off a light bulb and opening/closing an automated gate. To increase the number of outputs, just add PGMs* modules

* Check the number of PGMs outputs available in the alarm panel. Sold separately.


  • Central with 18 zones (2 mixed zones + 16 bus zones);
  • JFL bus technology intelligent sensors. Click here to watch a video on bus technology;
  • Computer programming or remote control;
  • Short battery protection;
  • Remote Control Panic;
  • Self-arm by lack of movement;
  • Automatic reset after disarming;
  • Split mode;
  • Indicates sensors and remote controls low battery and AC failure;
  • Control via smartphone* app;
  • Input for ethernet module**;
  • PGM output with relay or PGM module input (activated via smartphone* or remote control);
  • Function inhibit zones (via smartphone*);
  • Interaction with electrifiers JFL Alarms (via smartphone*).
* For mobile application access it is necessary to add an ethernet module (sold separately). Refer to “Terms and Conditions” for the mobile app in yout virtual store.
** Model ME-04 or higher (not included).


DDNS and Cloud

Access JFL DDNS and CLOUD (P2P).

DDNS Cloud

RLG Barriers

Meet the Automators and RLG barriers. A company of the JFL Alarmes group.

Access the RLG website