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IRT-4000 FI

Residential intercom with internal source, rubberized and backlit keypad.



Easy installation

It won’t be necessary a power output to install the external unit – its power will be supplied by the internal unit. With a built-in bivolt AC adapter, the internal unit IRT-4000 FI intercom allows a very quick and easy installation.

External Module

With an unique design, the external module has a rubberized backlit keypad, making it easier to locate it during the night time.

More safety

If the internal unit is within reach of children, who can accidentally press the release button and consequently open the residence door, the intercom comes with a jumper that inhibit the locking button. In this case, you can install a push button in a place out of reach of children.

Notice of violation

With tamper switch signaling, if the intercom is tampered, a siren-like sound will be emitted and blocking will occur at the same time.

Open door beep

The intercom has a wired magnetic sensor input and it can be installed on the gate to generate warning beeps if it remains opened for 30 seconds or more.


  • Excellent audio quality;
  • Luminous rubber button;
  • Allows the connection of 1 audio extension (4 wires communication);
  • Maximum distance between the intercom and the external unit: 100m;
  • “INIBIR” key on the intercom to disable the opening of the lock;
  • Allows the installation of a pushbutton to open the lock;
  • Wired magnetic contact input to warn about open door;
  • SENSOR jumper on the external unit to inhibit the open door sensor;
  • Bivolt power supply.

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