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ECR-18i Plus

4J electric fencing energizer with control via mobile APP.


The best of Brazil

For 14 consecutive years, JFL fence energizers are considered the best in Brazil, chosen by who understands the most about the matter, the electronic security professional.

* Internactional Distinction Trio in partnership with Security Brasil magazine.

Control in your hands

With the Active Mobile APP, you can control your energizer* through smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime. With the APP you can, for example: arm and desarm the energizer and check if there was activation.

*Cloud connection via ME-04 ethernet module (version 2.0 and up – sold separately) or the energizer must be interconnected to a JFL monitoring alarm panel compatible with the APP.

Cloud connection

The cloud connection allows a fast configuration, not being necessary opening ports. It’s enough to add the serial number manually or scan the QR code.

*Cloud connection via ME-04 ethernet module (version 2.0 and up – sold separately)


Flexible connection

The energizer can be controlled by smartphone or tablet in two different ways: direct, by adding a compatible ethernet module* or indirect, by interconnecting the energizer to an alarm panel with APP access.

*Cloud connection via ME-04 ethernet module (version 2.0 and up – sold separately).

Intelligent adjustment

The energizer, though intelligent algorithm, analyses the perimeter and automatically adjusts the activation’s sensibility.

*Check details on user manual.

Programmable zones

It’s possible to program the energizer’s zone in 4 different ways: immediate (immediate activation), intelligent (it needs two detections to activate (in order to avoid false alarm), timed (it activates after a predetermined time, allowing the user to disarm the alarm before activation) and timed intelligent (two detections to activate and activation after predetermined time).

Intense electric shock (8 times stronger)

With 4 Joules output energy (8 times stronger than the others JFL energizers), the energizer generates a powerful electric shock.

Voltage Adjustment

With this feature it is posible to adjust the energizer’s output voltage, which facilitates the installation according to each case. The ECR-18i PLUS has an adjustable output voltage: 12.000V, 15.000V or 18.000V.

Easy arming and disarming

With the remote control it’s possible to arm and disarm the whole electric fencing system from up to 100 meters (line of sight). You can also configure the remote control to arm and disarm the electric fencing and the alarm together or separately. For example: button number 1 arms and disarms the alarm, button number 2 arms and disarms the electric fencing and button number 3 arms and disarms the panel (electric fencing and alarm).


  • Spark trigger selection from version 593V2. Learn more about the function here;
  • Output energy: 4J.
  • Adjustable output voltage: 12.000V (default), 15.000V or 18.000V.
  • Programmable zone: immediate, intelligent, timed or timed intelligent.
  • APP control for smartphones and tablet*.
  • Programming by programming APP, PC and remote control;
  • Bi-volt.
  • Two modes of arming and disarming: normal and divided.
  • Continuous or interrupted activation.
  • Perimeter detection via software.
  • Accepts remote control and wireless detectors (433,92MHz).
  • Informs wireless detectors and remote controls low battery and no AC.
  • Monitoring output (interaction with compatible alarm panel).
  • On input programmable (with retention and without retention).
  • Bootloader function.
  • Maximum wire fence distance: 12.000m. Linear**.
* Ethernet module required (sold separately);
**If 1,2mm (caliber) wire fence is used.


DDNS and Cloud

Access JFL DDNS and CLOUD (P2P).

DDNS Cloud

RLG Barriers

Meet the Automators and RLG barriers. A company of the JFL Alarmes group.

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