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DR-100 Lite

Rack sliding motor for gates weighing up to 250kg.


Factory Warranty

Our garage door/gate motors are highly reliable. That’s why JFL’s garage door/gate motors have warranties for 2 years over mechanics and electronics.

Robust mechanics

JFL Alarmes motors’ mechanics was developed to work in high performance. The bearing is one of the highlights of this motor that brings to the market the best technology for an excellent cost-benefit.


  • Single-phase motor (60Hz);
  • Optional power supply: 127V or 220V;
  • 1/25 reducer with nylon gear and permanent lubrication (00 grease)
  • Opening/closing time: 10,33s*;
  • Cycles hour: 15;
  • Halfway travel stop programming;
  • Limit switch visual indication;
  • Programmable pause time;
  • 433,92MHz control board;
  • Pushbutton and photocell input;
  • Direct mechanical transmission;
  • Enrolls up to 30 users;
  • Accepts Rolling Code and Hopping Code remote controls/key fobs simultaneously;
  • Easy to open (by the user) in the event of power cut;
  • Use: residential.
*Opening/closing time for a 3 meters gate varies according to the weight, status of the gate and deceleration adjustment.


DDNS and Cloud

Access JFL DDNS and CLOUD (P2P).

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RLG Barriers

Meet the Automators and RLG barriers. A company of the JFL Alarmes group.

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