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ASD-650 Signal

Alarm panel up to 6 zones and internal keypad programming.


The best in Brazil

For 7 consecutive years, JFL Alarmes alarm panels are considered the best in the country, chosen by the electronic security professionals.

* Trio International Distinction in alliance with Security Brasil magazine.

Practical programming

JFL alarm panels are very simple to program, which makes the electronic security professional day-to-day life easier. Whether by keypad, telephone or remote control, practicality is present in all programming modes.

* Check the alarm panel programming options.

Integrated dialer

With the integrated dialer, the alarm panel allows the security system’s interaction with landlines or mobiles/cell phones via call. In case there is an intrusion, the alarm panel immediately warns about it to the phone number previously programmed.

Intelligent zones

The intelligent zones were developed to reduce the occurrence of false alarms in open areas and semi-open areas. The passive detector detects the first movement and if there is a second detection within a predetermined time, the intrusion is confirmed and the alarm sets off.

Wireless devices

The alarm panel is compatible with wireless devices such as passive detectors and door/window contacts.

*Check the number of wireless zones available for the alarm panel.


  • 6 programmable zones: 4 hybrid zones (hardwired or wireless) + 2 hardwired zones;
  • Dials up to 4 phone numbers (up to 20 digits);
  • Remote control panic;
  • Intelligent, timed, silent and 24h;
  • Auto rearm after disarm;
  • No movement auto arming;
  • Divided mode;
  • Tone dialing;
  • Indicates sensors and remote control low battery and no AC.


DDNS and Cloud

Access JFL DDNS and CLOUD (P2P).

DDNS Cloud

RLG Barriers

Meet the Automators and RLG barriers. A company of the JFL Alarmes group.

Access the RLG website