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Active Mobile V4

Software for smartphone access and control of alarm control stations, electricians and JFL cameras.


Control and monitoring in one place

With the Active Mobile V4, you can monitor your entire security system from your cell/mobile phone. Control alarm panels and electric fencing energizers, view cameras and DVRs in real time.

Your house ready for your arrival

It is possible to activate the PGMs (such as: electronic door/gate, light bulbs, automated curtains, among others) through the APP, preparing your house to receive you.

Push notification and real-time images

Should the alarm trigger, a notification is sent to the cell/mobile phone, making it possible to view the images from the camera in real time.

View your entire property in one go

The Active Mobile V4 allows you to view up to 16 cameras simultaneously. Much more security!

Where did the intrusion occur?

The APP also allows you to add your house or business floor plan and indicate zones. In case the alarm is triggered, the exact place where the event occurred can be seen.

Easy cloud configuration

Save time by configuring the system through the cloud *, easy, quick and without the need to open ports.

* Check compatibility.


  • Access to the alarm panel, electric fencing energizers and DVR (cameras) via cloud;
  • Links the camera to the alarm panel zone, which allows to visualize the image in real time at the moment of the triggering *;
  • Access to high definition images and recording **;
  • View up to 16 cameras simultaneously;
  • Links the recorder to the alarm panel or electric fencing energizer, in the same access;
  • New buffer notification design;
  • Customize the ringtone according to the type of notification;
  • Notify arming/disarming, PGMs activation/deactivation and zone inhibition;
  • Uses the TLS 1.2 security protocol;
  • Ringtone of up to 30 seconds when it triggers;
  • Link camera to PGM;
  • Available for Android and iOS.
* Check compatibility.
** The image quality depends directly on the mobile device internet connection.

If you already use the Active Mobile V3 APP, follow the instructions below to replace it with Active Mobile V4:
1. Look for the APP on Play Store or App Store;
2. Download it;
3. Use the same credentials (login and password) as Active Mobile V3 to access.

Attention: if you have DVRs registered on V3 APP, it is necessary to re-register them to be able to use them with the V4 APP, which requires technical knowledge. Professional assistance is recommended.

DDNS and Cloud

Access JFL DDNS and CLOUD (P2P).

DDNS Cloud

RLG Barriers

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