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Active-20 Ethernet

Monitorable alarm panel up to 22 zones, built-in ethernet and Wi-Fi module and access via mobile APP.



The best in Brazil

For 7 consecutive years, JFL Alarmes alarm panels are considered the best in the country, chosen by the electronic security professionals.

* Trio International Distinction in alliance with Security Brasil magazine.

Active Mobile V4 with cloud connection

With the Active Mobile v4 you can control your alarm panel * via smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime. With the application you can, for example: find out the status of the alarm panel in real time, inhibit zones, activate and deactivate PGMs, visualize the zones in the blueprint and much more. The cloud connection ** enables faster configuration and there is no need to open ports. Simply enter the serial number.

Integrated Ethernet and Wi-Fi Module

With the integrated ME-05 WB module, the alarm center is able to communicate with the monitoring via the ethernet cable.

Flexible communication

Wireless, Ethernet or GPRS*? With different communication options between the alarm panel and the monitoring center, you can choose the ideal one for your client.

* The GPRS module is sold separately.

Real partition

With only one alarm panel it is possible to operate different systems separately, that is, each partition is an alarm system with independent devices and features. A widely used application is in horizontal malls, in which each store has its alarm system separate from the other stores. All this with only one alarm panel.

* Find out the amount of real partitions of the alarm panel.

Optional keypads

Different keypads options (LCD, LCD touchscreen and wireless LCD) for programming and use of the alarm panel. Choose the one that best suits your client.

* Find out the compatibility of the alarm panel with the available keypads.

Permission levels

Every JFL alarm panel has 99 users and each one can customize the permission level. For example, John and Mary can only arm and disarm the alarm panel , but Peter, as an administrator user, is allowed to make any type of changes to the system.


Through the PGM output of the alarm panel it is possible to remotely control different home devices, such as turning on/off a light bulb and opening/closing an automated gate. To increase the number of outputs, just add PGMs* modules

*Check the number of PGMs outputs available in the alarm panel. Sold separately.


Practical programming

With JFL Alarms (free) programmers it is very easy to program JFL monitoring units. Programming can be done via the JFL * programming cable or remotely.

* Sold separately.


  • 99 users;
  • 2 real partitions;
  • Socket on;
  • Control via smartphone app;
  • Up to 4 addressable keypads;
  • Up to 22 zones: 9 double zones + 1 zone per keyboard;
  • Remote controls expander and wireless sensors*;
  • 1 PGM output with relay;
  • Rounds function;
  • Dual report mode;
  • PGM permission per user;
  • Comes with a transformer;
  • Chime function for all zones;
  • Programming through the: JFL pragramming cable*, GPRS*, Ethernet and Smartphone (pragramming APP);
  • Monitors auxiliary output, siren, battery and keyboards;
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi module (ME-05 WB) and GPRS module* with 2 SIM cards, option to arm / disarm via SMS and send messages on the trip.
* Sold separately.


DDNS and Cloud

Access JFL DDNS and CLOUD (P2P).

DDNS Cloud

RLG Barriers

Meet the Automators and RLG barriers. A company of the JFL Alarmes group.

Access the RLG website