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Acessus-2000 ID

13,56 MHz RFID card reader.


RFID card

The Acessus-2000 ID controls access to restricted areas through a RFID card. Quick, safe and touch-free.

Enrolls up to 2000 cards

The Acessus-2000 ID enrolls up to 2000 RFID cards.

Alarm feature

The alarm feature allows integration with an alarm panel to warn when tampering occurs and / or when the open door feature occurs.


The tamper provides more security by protecting the Acessus 2000 ID from sabotage. In case the product is tampered, a continuous beep will be emitted and the LED will remain red until the equipment is restored.


  • Enrolls up to 2.000 RFID Tags;
  • Electromagnetic or electromechanical lock opening;
  • It can be installed in a semi-open places;
  • Tamper;
  • Lock opening through push-button (NO);
  • Firmware update by programming cable;
  • Sound and visual signals;
  • Denial recurrence feature;
  • Open door feature;
  • Alarm feature;
  • 12 Vc.c. to 28 Vc.c. external supply input.


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