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JFL actions for the environment

JFL Alarmes’s mission is to provide ethical, sustainable and innovative solutions in electronic security. We cannot just provide products that ensure the safety of customers and disregard the safety of our environment. We consider it essential to supply security to assets around the world and also to do our part so that the next generations can enjoy this world.


eureciclo (Irecycle)

The basis of sustainability is recycling. In addition to instructing our employees to separate the garbage, both inside and outside the company, we are committed to the eureciclo (Irecycle) seal to increase our participation. Beyond recycling, the eureciclo (Irecycle) seal also means the appraisal of the operators selection and collection work.



Green Eletron Brasil

It is essential that the destination of electronic waste be clean and without risks to people and the environment. To do this, we formed an alliance with Green Eletron Brasil. In this way, we contribute to the reduction of the extraction of natural resources, with the promotion of raw materials reuse and with a more circular economy.